Investments are part and parcel of modern economics. Investments differ from loans with the level of risk and rate of return. In the present-day world there is a variety of ways of investing of capital, nevertheless, an unconditionally guaranteed way of generation of capital gains is investing in real estate.

Why real estate?

  • Capacity to yield regular profit
  • Sound liquidity relative to other investment assets
  • Opportunity to gain profit in case of further resale

Sometimes the value of a building can be lower than the current value, because utilization of such building can lead to impairment of its value. However, the land component will exist forever and sometimes it can make up the main share of the final value for the investor.

 Remember that real estate is location, location and again location!

In Latvia there is an investment programme whereby upon acquisition of an item of real estate worth at least EUR 250 000, the investor obtains a residence permit in Latvia, which entitles him or her to move free within the Schengen Area.